How to cure "itchy beard" troubles for men.

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How to cure "itchy beard" troubles for men.

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There are many men People who tend to have a beard. Beautify And always take care of the cleanliness Because the beard is a form of personality in another way. But despite how clean it is, beard itch is likely to occur. And if you men have itchy beard How should I manage it? Hello, Doctor has this story for each other.
What is itchy beard caused?
Whether you're getting a beard for the first time Or have a beard for many years, it is normal that when the hair on the face will itch. The itching is sometimes mild and sometimes you rarely even notice. But a beard itch can make you wake up in the middle of the night. Or can cause distraction
The beard on the face is not like the hair on the head. Beards are also known as "androgenic hair" because they are grown from testosterone. As more testosterone increases, these hairs will also grow and become thicker. For this reason, you need to take good care of your beard. But the grooming method is different from other hairs on the body.
There are also some reasons that can cause beard itching. This can be serious and may require treatment. The most common causes of beard itch are:
Grow a mustache on the face
The beard transplant process can cause itching. It also depends on the growth characteristics of the hair and hair follicles. When you shave The sharp edge will remain inside the pores. As the fur grows, the edges are sharp. It can scrape pores and cause itching.
If people who used to shave their beard regularly Can cause widespread irritation of the hair follicles. Which resulted in a lot of discomfort and itchy
Dry skin
Dry or raised skin, also known as "xerosis," can be caused by dry, cold climates or by soaking your skin in hot water. Especially during bathing, shampooing, rubbing the soap, which the oil will be washed away naturally. Resulting in dry skin And itchy beard
Dry skin or that thick skin May be due to skin disease Ithiosis (Ichthyosis), which is scaly disease, a group of genetic diseases In addition, diseases with abnormal skin conditions such as psoriasis And eczema can also make your skin dry on a regular basis. Causing your beard to itch

Ingrown hairs
Ingrown hairs will be formed When shaved or cut hair grows back into the follicle instead of falling out. Causing folliculitis and itching This is more likely to occur in people with curly hair. And very tight skin You will only notice ingrown hairs when the pores start to turn red. It is nodular, itchy, and sometimes painful in the area where you shave.
Folliculitis This happens when your hair follicles are inflamed. This inflammation can be caused by a bacterial, viral, fungal, or parasitic infection.In addition, ingrown hairs are another common cause of folliculitis. When your hair follicles are inflamed around your beard It will look red. Feeling pain when touched And may turn into pus-filled blisters
Ingrown hair disease (Pseudofolliculitis Barbae or PFB)
Ingrown hairs are inflammation that occurs when facial hair grows out of the hair follicle. slotxo But it bends back into the skin. Instead of growing out of the skin The disease usually arises from shaving the facial hair. And may also be caused by the impact of the razor
The symptoms of razor bumps are the same as those of folliculitis. Your face may be red, pitted, inflamed, and pustules form. But ingrown hairs are caused by irritation without any infection.
Eczema of the Skin (Seborrheic Dermatitis)
Eczema is a skin condition that can leave your skin scaly, red, and flaky. Also known as "dandruff" when it is on the head. This condition most likely affects your scalp. But it can also happen on your face and around it. Beard Especially if you have naturally oily skin. Symptoms include oily yellow scales, red skin, and scabs that may come off. When you get a beard or a facial
Ringworm on the beard, mustache and throat (Tinea Barbae)
Beard, mustache, and throat ringworm is a fungus that occurs on the face, mustache, and neck, caused by a type of fungus called. "The fungi de Matophite (Dermatophytes) ”This fungal infection often appears red. Skin inflammation It is a stain around your mouth, cheeks, and under your chin, similar to tinea capitis. The two most common types of fungi that make your beard itch are:
Mentagrophytes Var.Equinum, which can be spread by contact with affected horses, T. Verrucosum, which can be spread by contact with cattle. Or other livestock Affected beard itch remedies for men to grow beard
For the remedy for itchy beard is very easy. You just need to adjust your hygiene or cleaning routine. But if the itching is caused by a medical condition Your doctor may need to prescribe antibiotics. In addition, there are various ways to cure beard itch as follows.
Keep your face clean
Regular rinsing of the beard and face will prevent dirt and bacteria from building up. It also ensures that the skin is not too oily. Wash the beard and face every day with warm water and cleanser. In fact, there are many beard-specific products. Which can be bought online
Take a shower often
Try to shower every day or every other day. Do not use water that is too hot and do not soak in the bathtub. Or the shower is too long