Answering questions ... How many days does COVID 19 live? How long can it stick on different surfaces?

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Answering questions ... How many days does COVID 19 live? How long can it stick on different surfaces?

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Revealing information of the corona virus How long can the cause of COVID 19 spread from the human body and get stuck on the surface?
You know that you should wash your hands often. But really in practice, there are some who are unaware Until I saw the timeline of many people who live normal life. Never go to vulnerable areas Instead, it was infected with Covid 19. Or in some areas of risk That anyone gets infected back almost all Causing suspicion of getting infected with COVID How long can COVID stay on the surface? Where is the most Let's try to find the answer.

How long does COVID 19 last?
On the issue that How long does the corona virus last? According to research published by The New England Journal of Medicine:

- In the air in an enclosed room: The virus can stay in the aerosol of coughing and sneezing for 3 hours, but the infection will not spread very far in the air. But can fall on the table, push button, elevator, wall, handrails

- On cardboard: such as boxes, parcels, books, calendars, mugs, paper packaging. The virus can survive for 24 hours.

- On a copper surface: such as copper vessels, copper furniture. The causative agent of COVID-19 can live for about 4 hours.

- on plastic or stainless steel: such as tables, chairs, door knobs, handrails, buttons on various automatic cabinets, refrigerator handles. The virus causing COVID-19 can survive for 2-3 days.

While Dr. Pichetbeng, MD, Preventive Medicine Deputy Director-General, Department of Medical Sciences Never give information as follows

- In open air: The corona virus can survive in mucus, saliva, phlegm or tears for 5 minutes.

- In cloth or tissue: The COVID 19 pathogen lasts for 8-12 hours.

- In water: The corona virus can last for 4 days.

- Leaven in the refrigerator Or at temperatures below 4 ° C: may live for up to 1 month.

The coronavirus. It is an isolated virus that does not require secretions such as saliva, mucus, and phlegm of an infected person. To survive And if these secretions stick on any surface, they can last as long as mentioned above. Now let's take a look at some of the risk points in our daily life that may collect the coronavirus infection the most.

The accumulation point of COVID 19 know that, be careful!

1. Banknotes and coins

2.Door handle or doorknob

3. Work table

4. Public phone And mobile phones

5. Escalator handrail

6. Elevator Push Button

7. Food coupon card Hard parking card

8. ATMs or various automatic machines

9. Handrails on the train, public car

10. Public toilets

11. Box or envelope

12. Chairs and furniture on buses Passenger plane

Now that you know this, be sure to wash your hands every time you handle or touch any surface and you should wash your hands for at least 20 seconds (sing Happy Birthday song 2 times), or if using alcohol hand sanitiser, use it properly.

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